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Cryptic Shift
Visitations From Enceladus

Cryptic Shift - Visitations From Enceladus


Metal Hammer's no.1 death metal album and 13th best album of 2020.

"Wildy psychedelic and dense with tonal weirdness, everything from 25-minute opener Moonbelt Immolator to the much snappier sci-fi fury of Planetary Hypnosis brimmed with insane ideas brought vividly to life".

Unburier Artwork.jpeg

Unburier - Twisted Existence

Combining new and old school styles to create a hybrid of Death and Thrash Metal.

Pummelling drum beats, savage riffs and harsh vocals compliment their dynamic song structures to unleash a fresh approach of extreme music.


Mortivius - KING


Yorkshire metal; infusing progressive, jazz & operatic themes which compliments their energetic and chaotic live show.

Echoes of The Abyss

Elimination - Echoes Of The Abyss

-"Complete eardrum annihilation, 9/10" - Metal Temple.

-"Masterpiece, 10/10" - Broken Tomb.

-"Possibly the UK thrash album of the year, 9/10" - Musipedia Of Metal.

The Tenmours
The Tenmours Maze

The Tenmours - Maze

“It’s so rock”- Jon Gomm

"Very exciting, challenging, experimental -  bloody good stuff in fact!" - Pete Robinson

(Salford City Radio)

Other Clients

In addition to the various bands and music acts we have recorded we have also done a variety of commercial corporate work, post production & live sound with clients such as:

- Bloomsbury Publishing [Audiobook Production]

- Magid Magid [Audiobook Production]

- Ian McMillan [Audiobook Production]

- BOOM Leeds [Live Sound Engineering]
- Barnsley Live [Live Sound & PA Supply]

- Coalfields Festival [Live Sound & PA Supply]

Seeing Music, Hearing Colour; Synaesthesia & Interpretation [Multimedia Exhibition]

- Sinfonia of Leeds [Orchestral/Classical Concert Recording]

- ElL-ARr Productions [TV Show & Advert Mixing]

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