Cryptic Shift

Spawning from planet Earth, prog death/thrash quartet Cryptic Shift spore a unique blend of brutal grooves, light-speed riffs and gruesome sci-fi elements. 


Creating a mix of fundamental death/thrash metal influences, Cryptic Shift see beyond the traditional writings of their predecessors and proceed to implant their morbid creation of unorthodox, sci-fi orientated sonic invasion upon their viewers presence.


Forged in late 2015 in the darkest corners of West Yorkshire comes Dychosis, a five piece metal synergy combining hard hitting thrash metal music, with the harsh death metal vocals. 

Featuring former members of Nailed, Quake, Engraved In Blood, Neophyte and Head Gasket, the band deliver a brutally heavy take on the traditional thrash metal sound, with a mix of death metal styling’s. 

20/20 SOUND

Two students hailing from the south-east of england who formed a friendship over their love for music, and after free-styling a song called "FREE", decided to create 20/20 SOUND.

20/20 SOUND, whose main influences go as far back as The Beatles & Pink Floyd incorporate R&B elements in their own songs producing soulful songs from a melting pot of rolling hi hats, dirty bass lines, piano ballads and guitar solos.

Arcadian Haze

Arcadian Haze are an alternative rock/rap crossover band from Barnsley.


Their unique style incorporates the hard hitting style of rock whilst blurring the lines of their sound by adding in rap elements and fusing in other characteristics from genres you might not expect.