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‘This is the perfect studio for voiceover work; the sound is top quality and it's a very easy-going and professional set-up. I heartily recommend it to anyone, no matter what they're thinking of recording' - Ian McMillan, poet and broadcaster. 
  • Apple iMac

  • Pro Tools Ultimate

  • Logic Pro X also available upon request

  • Plugins from companies such as: Waves, SoundToys, iZotope, Metric Halo, Slate Digital and many more...

  • Allen & Heath GSR24M - 24 input desk with motorised faders to recall your project seamlessly

  • Avid HD I/O 16x16 & HD Native

  • Digidesign C|24 - Control Pro Tools effortlessly

  • Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X

  • Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

  • Digidesign 003+ Rack

  • Focusrite Octopre

  • We have a selection of industry standard microphones ranging from:

  • Neumann U87ai

  • Shure Sm7b

  • AKG C414 XLii

  • AKG C451b

  • Sennheiser MD421

  • Additional microphones from brands like Audix, Audio Technica, AKG & Shure.

  • Mix through our Allen & Heath GSR24M console whilst feeding the mix through our Maag EQ4M mastering EQ

  • Create your ideal guitar tone with the Kemper Profiling Amp

  • Slam your vocals with our Warm Audio WA-76, give your mix some gel and vibe with our Warm Audio WA-Bus Comp or use our other utility units such as BSS DPR-404 and DBX 266XL

  • Outboard effects from Yamaha, Line 6, Alesis, Electro Harmonix, Boss and a small selection of boutique Guitar pedals. 

  • Adam A7X

  • Yamaha HS50M

  • Sennheiser HD650 

  • Audio Technica M50x

  • Vic Firth SIH2

  • Drumkits available from Mapex, Millenium & Pearl - Zildjian cymbals are also available to hire.

  • We also have a selection of amplifiers available on request from Ashdown, Fender, Line 6, Marshall & Peavey.

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