At DC we keep our rates straight forward and as low as we can. We provide the same standard of service to local musicians and established artists, at the exact same price.
All rates include an engineer.


£30 per hour / £225

per day

Our basic rate for recording includes studio time, equipment and an engineer. We work to a guide of one hour per song for vocal recording to backing tracks.

For more complex arrangements and bands it will take up to one day per song. If you have any doubts about how long you might need to book just get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

We also have demo rates available for £20 per hour.


£200 for up to 8 people, £20 per head thereafter.

Studio parties are becoming increasingly popular with kids and adults alike as a unique and fun alternative. The group is recorded singing to their favourite songs, this is then mixed to the same professional standard our regular clients receive.


The session also includes a professional photographer to capture the experience. Finished songs are then put on to CD and DVD with a slide show as a lasting souvenir.


Buffet food and decorations are provided to suit the occasion. Framed records, photo keyrings and prints available at extra cost. 


£10 per hour

Each room is equipped with a five piece drum kit (with snare, stands and kick pedal), a bass amplifier, two guitar amplifiers and a vocal P.A. system.

Cymbals, extra amplifiers and instruments are available to hire at an extra cost.  


Or feel free to bring your gear with you and crank it up!


Contact for a Quote

We also offer our equipment and services for mixing and mastering projects recorded elsewhere.

We have the facility to transfer and restore vinyl, dvd and vhs audio. We have done a lot of work for broadcast and post production; voice over, foley and non-diegetic sound.

If you would like assistance, a quote for a project or rates for hiring our equipment please feel free to get in touch using our contact form.